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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

La Wine Tech - #startup of #wine startups

La Wine Tech is a French #startup with a global reach.  A creative and well curated collection of a wide variety of wine related startups.
In fact, a startup of startups – a first for the wine world.
La Wine Tech 

B2C, La Wine Tech concept capitalizes on mobile, apps + social to connect people to new ways to discover, consume + appreciate wines.  B2C, showcases innovations to progress wineries and wine related businesses.
Industry Innovation Impact:
  • Hospitality, Wine Distribution, Retail Sales,
  • Small, select producers can compete with large wine distributors
  • Digital Marketing expertise for wineries and vignerons
Sampling of Start Ups under the La Wine Tech umbrella – a wide range of interests and approaches:
  • GeoVina – app guide to Oenotourism – focus south of France
  • Vinocromie – an inventive mix of art, wine + select locations – gatherings
  • Avenue des Vins – an interactive marketplace to purchase wine direct from the producer
  • Caveasy – the connected cave, for personal wine management
  • Vinexplore – GPS driven app, enabling discovery of wine tastings + vineyards in your proximity
These are but a few of the new + noteworthy….La Wine Tech is an eyeopener for those connected, curious and admirers of wine.
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