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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

La Wine Tech - #startup of #wine startups

La Wine Tech is a French #startup with a global reach.  A creative and well curated collection of a wide variety of wine related startups.
In fact, a startup of startups – a first for the wine world.
La Wine Tech 

B2C, La Wine Tech concept capitalizes on mobile, apps + social to connect people to new ways to discover, consume + appreciate wines.  B2C, showcases innovations to progress wineries and wine related businesses.
Industry Innovation Impact:
  • Hospitality, Wine Distribution, Retail Sales,
  • Small, select producers can compete with large wine distributors
  • Digital Marketing expertise for wineries and vignerons
Sampling of Start Ups under the La Wine Tech umbrella – a wide range of interests and approaches:
  • GeoVina – app guide to Oenotourism – focus south of France
  • Vinocromie – an inventive mix of art, wine + select locations – gatherings
  • Avenue des Vins – an interactive marketplace to purchase wine direct from the producer
  • Caveasy – the connected cave, for personal wine management
  • Vinexplore – GPS driven app, enabling discovery of wine tastings + vineyards in your proximity
These are but a few of the new + noteworthy….La Wine Tech is an eyeopener for those connected, curious and admirers of wine.
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hotels #Mobile Service Impact?? Amazon Go

Amazon Go + 'Just Walk Out' shopping experience sets a new pace for #mobile service...Hotels take note!

Trust You Blog post outlines future hotel guest mobile service expectations influenced by innovative retail experiences - such as Amazon Go.

Key Guest Service Values:
  • Unprecidented Convenience
  • Customer Intelligence via RFID tracking of consumer behavior
  • Seamless, cashless payment
Needless to say, the in-store product, packaging and ease of shopping has to be exceptional. No amount of digital tech can overcome a poor product.

Key Quote:
But why does this shake-up in the retail space also important for hotels? As with most of the previous mega-trends we’ve already experienced (mobile apps, free wifi, one-click booking) the concepts usually start in the retail space and expand into hospitality and other industries.

Full article via @TrustYou - What Hotels Can Learn from Amazon Go 

No lines - No waiting - No seriously

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#hotels - 64% Millennials Look + Book on #smartphones

Think with Google - insightful infographic on the Mobile Shopping + Purchasing behavior of Millennials.

Based on Phocuswright's 2015 research of 18 to 34 year olds, the infographic clearly show that smartphones are this age groups all-everything device for planning, sharing + buying travel....64% book hotels on their mobile device.

Source: Think with Google

Some considerations for Hotels?
  • To capture this rapidly growing traveler group, mobile presence should be sites and social - imaginative and well integrated
    • A pleasure to look at + a pleasure to use
  • Consider a SmartPhone rate 
  • Gear offers to capture spontaneous, last moment travel
  • Review mobile sites that are widely used as models for UX and design
    • Responsive web design sites are NOT necessarily the mobile solution as they are too general purpose.
Hoteliers must adopt a #mobile mindset across all digital touchpoints - to include:
  • Inspiration
  • Promotions + Campaigns
  • Social Sharability
  • Seamless experience for user
  • Mobile offers - easy to book
  • Pre-stay, in destination services, post-stay communications
All infographics and more Mobile Moments resources linked here in Think with Google.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Need to Know - Google #mobile #index - get mobile content ready

The always excellent E-Consultancy published a Need to Know list - Google's Mobile Index.

The big news:
  • Google's mobile index will be the primary index - based on 'pure' mobile content
  • Desktop + RWD sites secondary - will be maintained but less frequently
  • Coming soon - so prepare now
  • AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will become more important

Search Engine Land Index Quote

Some steps to take to prepare your Mobile Content for Mobile Indexing - cross post in Futuremakers.

Excellent news for mobile users' search results ... new tasks for Mobile Marketers.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Best Marketing Tips and Tricks to Stand Out your Hotel

The competition in hospitality has become fierce, with new technology arriving to us day by day and the opportunity of customers to  book directly through Google it is a great pressure and challenge to differentiate your hotel from the rest, but this type of competition can give us that little push we need to take advantage of the new mobile technology, social media, between others and see this as an opportunity to grow and expand.

 It is true that for big hotels (cost-wise, multiple channels, attractive loyalty programs) it is easier to count with a well created Digital Marketing Strategy, but Independent Hotels have the need to focus as well in cost-effective digital marketing strategies and become multi-channel to differentiate their product form the rest

Here are some tips for Hoteliers to follow a successful digital marketing strategy:

Monday, October 10, 2016

How To Offer Millennials What They Need at Your Hotel

Millennials, the generation between1980 and 2000 that innovate and revolution how things are done, they grew up in a period of a huge advance in technology that changed our lives forever.

To the hospitality business Millennials are of huge importance, they represent 80 million people around the world that spend $600 billion per year.

Millennials love to travel and to enjoy different experiences, are loyal, like to interact and engage with friends and strangers, they follow brands and want to change the world.

So what can marketing do about it to satisfy Millennials?

By making a deep research of their characteristics and more of those close to your niche market
create a marketing plan that can retain them and satisfy them.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Customer Preferences: Social Media and Mobile Innovations

Focus on "Delivered to Phone" service

In this rapidly changing world, customers prefer even more and more Mobile Apps, and the competitition in the best innovative tools in hospitality is fierce, advanced tools already exist to make Reservations, check -in check -out, multimedia connections in room, automatic lights, e-concierge, WiFi hotspots as well as "whatever fun is happening" hotspots if the hotel is a big place,  interactive Customer Experience, personalised text messages, alerts, emails, wake up calls, the idea to survive and attract customers is to make it creative and interact with your customers in a "thumable" mobile way.

Social media Fluidity

There is thousands and thousands of posts coming out every hour all around the world, to escape from this loop of posting without going nowhere, what is going to make this change is technology, by delivering personalised information according to what  your customer's like; to approach your reader by their needs is what is going to make the difference.