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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Hotels #Mobile Service Impact?? Amazon Go

Amazon Go + 'Just Walk Out' shopping experience sets a new pace for #mobile service...Hotels take note!

Trust You Blog post outlines future hotel guest mobile service expectations influenced by innovative retail experiences - such as Amazon Go.

Key Guest Service Values:
  • Unprecidented Convenience
  • Customer Intelligence via RFID tracking of consumer behavior
  • Seamless, cashless payment
Needless to say, the in-store product, packaging and ease of shopping has to be exceptional. No amount of digital tech can overcome a poor product.

Key Quote:
But why does this shake-up in the retail space also important for hotels? As with most of the previous mega-trends we’ve already experienced (mobile apps, free wifi, one-click booking) the concepts usually start in the retail space and expand into hospitality and other industries.

Full article via @TrustYou - What Hotels Can Learn from Amazon Go 

No lines - No waiting - No seriously

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