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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Best Marketing Tips and Tricks to Stand Out your Hotel

The competition in hospitality has become fierce, with new technology arriving to us day by day and the opportunity of customers to  book directly through Google it is a great pressure and challenge to differentiate your hotel from the rest, but this type of competition can give us that little push we need to take advantage of the new mobile technology, social media, between others and see this as an opportunity to grow and expand.

 It is true that for big hotels (cost-wise, multiple channels, attractive loyalty programs) it is easier to count with a well created Digital Marketing Strategy, but Independent Hotels have the need to focus as well in cost-effective digital marketing strategies and become multi-channel to differentiate their product form the rest

Here are some tips for Hoteliers to follow a successful digital marketing strategy:

1. Explore Different Channels:
Make some research and make sure your hotel is present in the distribution channels that matter the most to your market segment, try out TripAdvisor instant booking or an smart widget as Convertio

2.  Have a GREAT website
It is of huge importance to have an updated well created website, looking great, unique, clean, mobile optimised, easy to call easy to book easy to locate,  easy for the SEO to find you, integrate your customers with reviews, photos and social media, and always reflect your hotel's personality and your brand in every step.

3. Loyalty programs are also for Independent Hotels
Reward those guests that book directly in your website, how? to returning customers who booked in your website offer a 10% discount, it is still a win situation as it is more less than OTAs commission

4. Be Social
Do not underestimate the power of social media, have a presence on the social platforms that can work for you the most  use them to get visibility, engagement, uniqueness, authentic relationships, retention of customers and a new communication channel

This is the time to engage and update your marketing strategy to compete with all the new odds in your favour

5.  Go Mobile
We will not get tired to mention how important mobile is for hoteliers, and honestly it should be important to all business that offer products or services to clients; according to eMarketer in this 2016 more than half (51.8%) of travellers book directly form their mobile, (in 2015 was 43.8% just to have some idea of the rapidly mobile bookings growth).

But mobile presence has to be impeccable: Responsive design with an "easy to book, easy to call, easy to locate, fewer clicks, fewer scrolls, fewer rates, mobile advantage rates, between others.

Make that step forward and improve your digital marketing strategy, what other tricks or tips would you add to this list?

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