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Monday, October 10, 2016

How To Offer Millennials What They Need at Your Hotel

Millennials, the generation between1980 and 2000 that innovate and revolution how things are done, they grew up in a period of a huge advance in technology that changed our lives forever.

To the hospitality business Millennials are of huge importance, they represent 80 million people around the world that spend $600 billion per year.

Millennials love to travel and to enjoy different experiences, are loyal, like to interact and engage with friends and strangers, they follow brands and want to change the world.

So what can marketing do about it to satisfy Millennials?

By making a deep research of their characteristics and more of those close to your niche market
create a marketing plan that can retain them and satisfy them.

1. Make it Distinctive:

Millennials want experiences so just don't sell a room but an idea of traveling to know the culture, an experience that can inspire them and make them dream about your destination

Millennials want to contribute for a better "greener" world, highlight your contribution to the earth, to local communities, the benefits of your products or your food

Millennials are unique and creative, show them why You are unique and why your brand has an identity and a special personality

2. Make it Easy:

Millennials are connected at all times,  91% own a smartphone, so, do a favour to your hotel and create a great mobile website, make your services easy, quick and personalised, adapt to their mobile lifestyle

3. Make it Free Wi-Fi and Social 

Millennials want to be connected always always always, even when they take shower or when they are sleeping, be on top and create an app, create your mobile site, offer free, fast, good quality Wi-Fi

Take always an eye on your reviews, you do not have control in good or bad reviews but there are things you can do about it, interact with them in a less formal way.

Take advantage of this digital age and connect...

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