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Thursday, October 6, 2016

Customer Preferences: Social Media and Mobile Innovations

Focus on "Delivered to Phone" service

In this rapidly changing world, customers prefer even more and more Mobile Apps, and the competitition in the best innovative tools in hospitality is fierce, advanced tools already exist to make Reservations, check -in check -out, multimedia connections in room, automatic lights, e-concierge, WiFi hotspots as well as "whatever fun is happening" hotspots if the hotel is a big place,  interactive Customer Experience, personalised text messages, alerts, emails, wake up calls, the idea to survive and attract customers is to make it creative and interact with your customers in a "thumable" mobile way.

Social media Fluidity

There is thousands and thousands of posts coming out every hour all around the world, to escape from this loop of posting without going nowhere, what is going to make this change is technology, by delivering personalised information according to what  your customer's like; to approach your reader by their needs is what is going to make the difference.

Deliver your business in Facebook Canva
Don't reach your target audience in Twitter let them reach you 

Recommendations and Reviews

Pack up your things! Finally after intensive handwork good vacation is on its way, you decided to go to a new place a new town a new hotel, Yes there are many in the search engine, You find it, but now does the quality match with what they promise in their web?

Leisure travellers, will trust family, friends, bloggers, also travel-related websites and meta-search website are very consulted to check recommendations

The top social media review sites people (most women) consulted, are TripAdvisor, so yes, it is really important to have a good customer treatment as it is possible it will be flying to TripAdvisor as soon as your guest checks-out; with a bad review the probability of a new possible guest stays at your hotel reduces from 5 to 2!

Customers and Hoteliers are realising the importance of Mobile and Social Media, is not anymore about twitting about but maybe about your breakfast tailored for specific customers at your hotel or restaurant something more impactful and more personalised.

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