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Thursday, September 29, 2016

8 Mobile and Time Saving Tips to Rock your Campaign

Social Media entered like a hurricane to peoples live, every year almost 200 million people are signing up, it  changed the way we live but in a good way, some how we realised how connected we are and the need to engage with each other, also, know we have the opportunity to interact with our favourite brands, And the best of all is that it suites our needs in a "thumbableworld, meaning, by the reach of your thumb you can manage your social media world, however, if you are in charge of couple of campaigns in your business or you need to do the monthly plan as a good community manager, social media can take you a lot of time if it is not manage properly so here are some great time saving tips in how to take the most of #socialmedia 

1. Don't let distractions take over youIn your research for good content, the internet is a mysterious universe full of interesting and bizarre things, that can make you fail your task and end up in "5 recipes of pizza mug" at 3 am in the morning.That is why, this great ideas will help you to double the amount of productivity in your social media with just half the effort, the best part, everything is mobile customised so you will be able to do it form anywhere you are just from just the move of your thumb in your phone.

2. Create a schedule
To be present in people's mind is something that has to be done day by day, with constant time and effort, you waste time by having to reopen all social media tools, log in log out accounts and so on, The #timesaving solution is to do the whole social media section in an "unbroken section of concentration" one hour or two a day

3. Make a calendar, how many hours? what days?

You can divide by colours what are your posts about and have a complete picture when are ready.
Purple: World NewsOrange: Mobile MarketingGreen: Promo campaigns for making some examples...

4. Schedule several post at that time
Tools like Oktopost or Hearsay Social advice you at what time your customers are more engaged and your best time to publish 

5. Monitor your social media metrics
Oktopost, HootsuiteSproutSocial, Hersey Social, Google Analytics are the best tools to analyse your campaigns 

6. Collect as you go
How much time it can take to choose and collect information, with so much interesting information going around the web? HOURS! Im telling you is hard to concentrate on this.* Choose your platforms to take the information from, for example Flipboard, StumbleUpon, and put every information you found in one single place a great example is +Evernote a very simple but powerful app to use in your computer and phone, there are may different 
others to try too.

7. Share it more than once 
As we are going global, plus the different time zones, plus people having different activities and different schedules is ok to share it two or three times a day!

Remember, opened to change and using social media can be extremely  helpful for your business, create the correct exposure, generate the leads and followers with a personal touch to create loyalty

8. Make it look visually attractive in mobile
Customise your pictures, use hashtag, and make it so attractive that the first thing when they open Facebook in the morning is enter your page to discover more bout what you share.

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