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Monday, September 26, 2016

The Mobile Revolution in the Hospitality Business

The Internet technology doesn't stop to amaze us, every day ,there is something new getting our attention, a new app, a new platform a new way to do things. Hoteliers should always keep an eye in this important trends in order to be in the top of business.

Opening the mind to this new changes and accepting them as they are and to take the most out of it to improve and revolution your business.

Mobile is the new home computer, the new laptop, is our easiest most approachable way to reach technology and to interact with others.
Everything is know adaptable to mobile: table reservations, check-in check out, live personalised software in rooms and in different part of the hotels, e-concierge, reviews everything to make an experience can be done in the mobile phone, best part is that is cost effective is the best way for big and independent hotels to develop customer service as a competitive edge

The key at developing a mobile friendly website and get your "MMR" Maximum Mobiel Reach is to be easy to use for customers: easy for them: From task conception and understanding to task completion
 Be sure to have a mobile template  full of mobile resized pictures, few text and easy to get to their customers fulfilled needs.

For the Hospitality Business your MMR will come from this 4 specific buttons in your website

Find Us: Embed a Google Map or Share your Location

Call Us: "Thumbable" phone number that redirects your customer to the business phone line

Reserve: By choosing a date and giving no more than 3 options of different prices your customer is ready to book

Social media: It has a profound impact in the hospitality industry as travelling creates emotions, emotions creates sharing sharing creates engagement, let them share your business in an easy way.

There are many you can add with simple buttons to your mobile website, TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google plus, etc...

With this revolution, hospitality business need to fight the field with everything that is useful for them, international links will become more and more important to the hotel industry, and hoteliers must always look to the new coming opportunities as profit and visibility to their businesses.

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