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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

'Is your Hotel Site Mobile User Friendly?'

In our rapidly moving environnent we need to realise of the constant changes in order to be on the top of the competition, Not long time ago, Google marked the Era of "mobile friendly" it was and it is a most to count with a mobile site, people is more than ever engaged with their phones, looking for reviews, information, hotels, restaurants, social media etc, but now we enter another new era, is your site:

 Mobile friendly AND user friendly?

Can your customer navigate in your mobile page easily, fast with no complications?

Is it easy to:
Call You? 
Find You? 
Book You?

Are you "Thumbable" ready?

Here is a great infographic to show you what it needs to be in the Top of the Top in the Mobile User-Friendly competition:


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