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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Mobile Search Hospitality = Voice, Talk, Tap + Map

Skift Global Forum 2016 (live feed today!) - travel leaders discuss voice recognition + major shift Mobile Search in Travel

Mobile + social share = how people get inspired, plan and book travel + hotels. 

 This traveler behavior requires a dramatic change in thinking for how to reach + attract guests via OTAs, airlines, hotel groups + especially direct to independent hotels.

Key quote:
“As we move over to more of a mobile device-centric world, the interaction model with devices is going to be much more voice-based,” said Expedia’s Khosrowshahi. “We have trained over years with wizards to tell people to put in a destination and date, and people have been trained to do that. When you go to a voice-based interaction, you can’t tell them to ask a question and structure it in one way.”

A quick and easy intro to voice search:

Mobile Voice Search Changes SEO

For smart hoteliers, the shift away from desktop SEO + PPC to mobile voice requires a #mobilemindset - or your hotel guests will increasing use OTA's mobile solutions.

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